The World Needs More Attack Dogs ...

Tripod? I'm Playing All Three Of Us? I'm Going To Play You Quite Differently.

I'm a Jokie Junkie, & like to create a little bit of fun (some people call is panic/chaos) where ever I go.
I have a great interest in the arts, drama, music, and performance. I'm friendly and have a wicked sense of humor, in all senses of the word 'wicked'.
Love Comedy and Performing, both give me a buzz which is rivaled by few things.
Have a mild obsession with most of the Australian Comedians, and now a growing thing for those funny Irish Comedians as well; they're just so amazing! Some of the Scottish and Welsh ones are creeping in there as well ...
Did my Gap Year in North Wales in 2008. So far the best year of my life. I'm moving to University Life this year in Lismore. We'll all see how I cope with getting placed some where a long way from home (again) with out anyone I know. I love a challenge! - So far challenge is proving to be just that ...

"I've been known to fall in love more easily than I've farted." - Bless Me Father, DAAS
"Don't Wake Me I Plan On Sleeping In" - Sleeping In, Postal Service
I also realised that on rereading that I sound totaly full of myself ... wonderful! Because I'm not ...

I do not claim to have made all of the following avatar pictures. I do claim that I made them into this collage they're all my favorite comedians. We'll all admit they are wonderful to look at. So I credit all of you who made them! Thankyou!
Fun fun fun oblong

On behalf of skinheadskippy, and even though we didn't succeed ... I still think we should petition for The Sideshow to come back and be "the big top on our small screens". Hell they revived Good News Week after 8ish years, so there is still hope yet!!
Give Freaks A Chance