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10th Mar, 2009

Planes. Train & Automobiles

Well I’ve had the biggest weekend I’ve had in a while. Went home for the weekend to see my brothers perform and attend the country fair. Rob was in the school musical ‘42nd Street’ and both the boys performed in the pipe band, it was wonderful to watch and them perform and I just love pipe band music anyway so it was thrilling & entertaining.

The real story was my trip to and from Albury; it was epic, no exaggerations.


Travel Itineray:-Collapse )


Well what a weekend I had. But it was wonderful. The only problem was that I didn’t get to sleep that night till 1ish, I got back and was conned into a marathon of Dexter. Hahaha!


24th Feb, 2009

O Week - Finished, University - Beggining

I thought that I would put up a quick post as I'm trying to get back into the habit of it and not get too lost in the horror that is Uni. hahaha
So O Week finished on Sunday and I think everyone was in the unit for that night which was a first for the whole of O Week as there were usually a few people out drinking and not coming home to their own beds. I was not one of them, which oddly enough I'm being berated about. Guess I should throw my self out there a few times ...

Had my first day at University today and I had two lectures;
Read more...Collapse )

Oddness ...Collapse )

My whole Unit has become obsessed with 'Crash Bandicote' on the PS, so we've almost finished the game between the eight of us in three days. Just the finaly boss to kill tomorrow.

Had better get some sleep. I've got lessons at 10am and not quite sure where the room is.
NIght night xoxox

Oooh! Tomorrow night we have commencement dinner, which is a semi formal event where I'm told your meant to dress up. We had to RSVP and everything. Very spesh! Tell more laters.
And I've already finished and submited my first assesment. Too easy. Lets hope its all that easy.

17th Feb, 2009

O Week - The Begining

Well I’ve been in Uni accommodation for going on three days now and I think I’ve settled in nicely although my ability to gain friends easily; but I haven’t given up hope yet.

So I’ve been around the Campus a few times and decided that although my accommodation maybe on the grounds its up a 311m hill that might as well be a 311m wall for how vertical it is. I’ve had to walk up it three times in the last two days and its killing me. I know I’m not fit but I can walk for ages in the heat but not up a wall!

The drive up here was a killer. Two days 17hrs. With a car with a boot full of things that I need for up here (clothes and food). Only my mother as company in the car, although I think I laughed the whole way up here.

I got a thumb drive that is meant to plug into my laptop and get me tv so that I can tape it all and watch my fave shows when I have time and not when I’m meant to be making friends or studing. And the damn thing wont work so I’ve missed GNW, Rove, Spicks & Specks and anything else that I wanted to watch. So I’m hoping that now that I have wi-fi connection maybe the damn thing will work although I doubt it.
Right now I'm sat with the others in the common room of our Unit  (we're on the second floor of the building which has four Units in it. There is six people to a Unit, in this one there is three boys and three girls) watching '10 Things I Hate About You'. The group at the moment in here is close and we all went down to the Uni bar last night together. So it's nice.

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Meant to but still didn't ...

Monday 02.02.09

Well I’ve been meaning to write up for some time now but this bloody heat which we have had for days now is playing havoc with our router and it keeps shutting down when it gets to hot. When the outside temp is 45C in the shade you know that its just a little too hot for your router to be working happily.

There wasn’t much that I can remember that I wanted to say … although I’m sure as soon as I go to sleep I’ll remember everything that I wanted to write up.

Just finished watching the Australia Tennis Open and I’m not into watching Tennis or any sport for that matter I just don’t enjoy it, but that was some serious playing that those two boys did. Amazing to watch but sadly Feddera wasn’t playing to what I believe could have been his best; although a 4 and a half hour match at 8pm can take it out of you.

I have to ask this now, is it right to be very jealous of what a friend has accomplished or is in contact with. I would never act on it in any way to get what they had if it meant hurting them or acting out side what I would have other wise done to get to where they are. But the feeling in have in my tummy right now for two friends I’m pretty sure isn’t a normal or healthy thing. I’ll just have to suck it up and get over it. I will find my own way … *sigh* even if it is the long way and it doesn’t get me there right now by just sucking up and shadowing their every move.

I have a Doctors appointment today and I really don’t think I fancy going I spent enough time in the Doctors last year but apparently that’s the reason that I have to go this year incase any of these things I have are real and not just me being a wonderful hypochondriac. Let you know if there is anything wrong with me or if you should all tell me to shut up the next time I complain about something wrong with me.

Oooh!!!! And I’ve had this idea for a way to get rid of the old t-shirts with the pretty pictures and words on them that I can’t wear unless I very quickly become into bubetubes with long sleeves. I’m going to make a blanket out of the fronts of all the t-shirts. It’s a theory that I’ve already put into practice. Now lets see that if with out any draw plans I can successfully make it …

Write again soon.


23rd Jan, 2009

Damn Bad Luck and Distractions!

Ok well I almost failed my promise as its almost the end of Friday.

I've not written a proper blog for almost three months. I've done a lot of Parting and a lot of travel in those three months. I've also got some interesting news from many different parties concerning many different aspects of my life this year.
Here is whats happened and whats I've forgotten to tell you allCollapse )

There we go I think that I have forfilled my promise to all of you. We're all up to date and I'll make them less long next time. Love to all and thankyou if yo've read this far. XOXOXO

P.S Brought myself the new Tripod Cd, thier Christmas one. It's deffo different to their other music its got a lot of backing tracks and other voices and instruments; but interesting to listen to

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21st Jan, 2009

A Promise

Ok Friday Friday I promise to you and myself that I will write up a new blog. I've been meaning to do a new one for months but things keep getting in the way and now I feel like I'm losing touch with everyone on lj.
So Friday at the latest there will be a new Blog up!
I've spent the whole day at Winery's so I don't think tonight will be the night that I post one up!
Love to all and Happy returns for the New Year (Yeah their late but at least I'm sending them out)

16th Oct, 2008

Where are my coloured Pens?

I've woken up today with the smell of Easter in my head. It smells like ...Collapse )
In other news October for me is full of too many Birthdays, I think we'll have to cut a few out ... or not because there is nothing like celebrating someone else getting older to make everyone feel happy.

It's my day off today and I'm just resting in bed because the last few days of work have been a handful. Again being put alone in the house with the three girls, for a 6hr shift is just a little to much to handle twice a week. And when there was no food in the house but a bunch of tinned beans which one of the girls hates, it was lucky that I'd watched my mother enough times to be able to put some rice, frozen veg (not that she's ever have used frozen veg) and some spices into a pot and make an edible if a little bland; but there were no complaints, so I must have done something right. Felt quiet please with myself.

I've also become a little adicted to a brilliant shopping community called Etsy.

And I've been watching Merlin on the BBC Website. Internet bonus'sCollapse )

Well I'll probably blog again tonight because I'm full of funny head things.
In an artsy mood might go and find some coloured pens and a clear scrapbook.

26th Sep, 2008

Tuning In A Pit ... ??

Hands On Heads!
Now I've got very mixed emotions tonight. My insides are like an orchestra tuning in the pit before the lights come on the stage and you get to see all the actors. All you have is a very vague program to go by but they've forgotten to print the names of the cast and you have to guess from the really blurry pictures of the cast who is going to perform. You can't work out what instruments are in the pit and the actors are a mystery as well. This is a very bad metaphor for the commotion on the inside of me tonight.
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10th Sep, 2008

Anti Climax!

The World Didn't End Today You Will All Be Happy To Know. Despite those Foolish Scientists Playing With Black Holes and Other Things They Don't Really Understand They Managed Not to Kill Life As We Know It. Which I Guess Is A Bonus To What Ever Scientific Discoveries They Have Made Or Maybe Not Made, As I Wasn't So Much Concerned With If They Found What They Were Looking For, More If I Was Going To Live To Go To The Pub On Friday.
Well Love To You All xoxo
Might go to Manchester tomorrow to see Gotye, haven't decided yet ... I have till around 3ish to decided and book the hostel as I'm not going to try with a late night train that was just a night mare last week. Or I might do a night in Liverpool and see a Play, I'm just in a very cultural Mood. Or I'll spend tomorrow booking/planning my last college break.
Night to all!

8th Sep, 2008

End of the World; Bitter Sweet Funnies!

YouTube - Mock The Week Series 6 Episode 9 Part 1 of 4
YouTube - Mock The Week Series 6 Episode 9 Part 2 of 4

YouTube - Mock The Week Series 6 Episode 9 Part 3 of 4
YouTube - Mock The Week Series 6 Episode 9 Part 3 of 4
WATCH IT NOW!!! Please ...

First Day Back SummaryCollapse )
P.P.S The world may end on Wednesday. So if you ever wanted to know if it was nice to know you I tell you now that it is. Watch that if you want to know why.

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