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Hands on Heads Yonny

Delinquent Behaviour Will Not Be Tollerated

In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

Delinquent , Obsessions , Past

 I had no idea who else to start this blog entry ... its 10 months since my last entry and so so so so many things have changed. Many of them life altering, not on a huge scale but on a huge emotional scale for me. I'm not sure whether to fill you guys in or just leave the past as the past and move on ... I guess for now it would be best to go over a few things that have happened since I last wrote up here.

I 've done my first year of Univeristy in a bachelor of bussiness in Tourism and Hospitality Managment.
I said little about my house mates the first time I mentioned college. and my house mates second semester weren't that different, although this time I only had one american house mate and we had an empty room. The second semester I got a social life and found out about the opposite sex ... two things which are detrimental to study efforts. The second semester wasn't quite what I'd have hoped for. I didn't really pass anything but I do have a good idea what I'll be in for when I do those classes again. At the end of the strange semester I took my american house mate Jami, and two other americans Becca and Sabrina home with me for the first week of the summer break. We went on a road trip with Emmy to Beachworth and a train trip to Melbourne and then we headed up to Canberra and hung out there at ANU with my mates & our mate from SCU James drove us around and showed us the sights.
One thing I have asked myself, why didn't I write on here during my summer break. I think again there had been a large break and I wasn't sure what to fill in; and then the gap just got bigger and bigger and now I've left it almost a year with out any word. Rubbish commitment from me.
The Summer break was almost 5months and it was wonderful!! I spent the first month of it just chillin with my family and Flick. Rob had his HSC so it was battle stations at home with Mum making sure that he pretended to do some form of study. With Flick it was party time for us with a very bad alcohole comsumption trend starting which really didnt let up for the whole summer. There are photo albums on facebook which are evidence of just how mental the nights ended up getting. Flick and I did a few car trips to Canberra and back.
I got my first job, with the help of hte connections that my mother and farther have. I now work at Adamshurst restraunt and function centre. I love working there, and christmas was the best time to be working there! I was doing two 6hrs shifts a day and having a blast. I got to be involved in the setting up of events as well as how the restraunt would working. loads of fun!
I attended my first festival "Homebake Festival" in Sydney over the weekend after my Birthday were all of FECAC got together and we spent a few days at my Nan's house in Sydney (which she has since sold :( ) what a bloody amazing festival! I had meant to attend a festival before this one but I couldn't get to "Trackside" in Canberra because it was on the same day as Robs High School Graduation.
After a lot of going out and getting messy, Flick told me about the trip that she had been planning with her ex boy friend and still wanted to go, she'd asked her mate to go with her but she'd pulled out at the last minute, so she offered the trip to Emmy or me. We both decided that we wanted to go and so very hasty travel plans were put together and we did almost three weeks in New Zealand in a car, from almost the north of north island to the south of the south island. We did some terrifying things, over there but it was such an experiance and the first time on a plane and out of the country for Flick. While over there I went to my second festival "Big Day Out" in Auckland. More on this trip in another blog.
Got back and had a few days before I had to pack back up my life again and move back up here to Uni.

Uni up here has been quite good. I've been getting a lot more of my study and uni work done and its been a lot more fun.
During O Week in Feb I left uni and went to the Gold Coast with a mate form work for a week and attended the "Soundwave Festival" in Brisbane. While up there we also went to the theme parks and did a spot of shopping. I think my favourite theme park is now 'Movie World'.
I didn't go home for Easter this time the whole Family came up to see me up here and we stayed in Ballina for a few days and then I went down to Melbourne to see Flicks new place down in Melbourne for a week and got to see my mates and see the MICF. More on my Melbourne trip on another blog.

That brings us almost up to date. I've got two weeks left of this semester. We have a family dinner this Tuesday when I think the whole family will be together for the last time we'll be saying goodbye to four Americans at the end of the week.
I'm heading off to Sydney for 5days on Wendnesday night and get to see a few of my mates and attend a 21st party. FUN!
I guess that now I should be able to give more frequent blogs about life and ... everything. Maybe you'll be lucky and in future I'll expand on some of the things that I have just left hanging here but for now I think that I shall get back to my Star Wars movie marathon and enjoy some more non sleep.

Again sorry to everyone who I've not talked to for 10months. I can be a bit of a rubbish friend sometimes. But you've all been in my thoughts and those of you who I have on facebook I have been stalking you and watching whats going on that way.

With a promise to write more often, Claire


You went to Soundwave???? Lucky!! Good to hear you've been having a good/decent time over the past few months :) Nothing like a social life to keep you going hey. I'm so overdue for one myself...evil work.

I'm sure you'll be fine for uni. It's also only first year so no holds barred really. It's third year that gets dicey for marks and stuff haha. Take care!
I think I could do with a little less of one, maybe I'd get more study done. I'll give you some of mine if you would like it?
yeah half way through the second year now ... almost half way there!
Just happy to be back online