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Tripod Rock

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Review

WOW!!! Ok so I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince six hours ago and I’m still amazed at how wonderful it was. I would say I don’t want to ruin anything but these movies do come with some required reading that you really shouldn’t skip, spesh as they seem to have changed a little bit of it which doesn’t seem to make sense (although movie adaptations never seem to make much sense compared to the book..

I went into this film with out much knowledge of the book. Yeah I know I just preached that you should have read them which I have; but that was ages ago and for some reason it the only book that I can’t remember; just the tragic ending. And due to lot of discussions recently about Harry Potter I have also discovered that it is heavily based around the relationships of the students and the Order. Again a lot of the relationship details were left out although they did have to focus on the main three.

I believe this is the funniest movie that they have created so far, and with an ending which in the book was heart wrenching but in the movie seemed a little tried.

I think Ron is just as wonderful as ever! Yes I do have to have a bit of a fan girlish *squee* about him, he is an amazing character and hes portrayed just so wonderfully in the movies. The whole Weasly family are. If I had to be taken in by another family (god forbid) then I would want it to be a family like theirs (yeah that’s right red nuts and all).

My only problem with this movie and I want to know if anyone else has experienced this phenomenon. The audience … they clap at the end of the movie … every time I’ve seen it. WHY? This movie was the saddest yet and they still clapped at the end of it … I don’t understand. I understand that they would clap at the end of the 1st, 2nd and maybe 3rd but beyond that I think that it gets a little sick …

Wish I had my Harry Potter books with me here at Uni. I want so bad to read the books. I am going down to Sydney soon and that’s where my copy of the 7th book is being held. Hahaha. That makes it sound like kidnapping, where it was actually brought for me and I’ve just not picked it up.

Other wise a great movie!! Definitely something I want to see again soon. Very soon!


On a side note: I’ve almost watched the whole series of Prison Break. I got into it when I was in year 10 and never quite saw it through to the end and now I’ve been given it on my hard drive and thought about deleting it, then thought I would watch on ep and now I’m almost at the end of the 4th Season.

Ooh well. With my unusual sleeping habits at the moment I need something to keep my mid occupied and this seems to be doing the trick. The people in this show are scary, I really do hope that this is all hypothetical and not real, coz if any of this has an ounce of truth to it then we’re all f**ked!


I'm going to see it this afternoon. I love the Weasley family, too. I wish Mrs Weasley was my mum.
Hey tell us if the audience claps. Unless its just something that occurs when I'm in a cinema thats showing Harry Potter. Haha