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Fragile McDermott

A V. long and over due update

Well I've not been on here for quiet some time and feel that a long blog is well deserved but my not be accomplished. I've kind of banished myself to my room to get a few things done, most of them being Uni work but I've gotten distracted again, which isn't unusual in this room (I should really take some photos of my room so you all understand just how distracting this room can be if I can't keep my mind on one thing).

This is the end of my second week back at University. I managed to finish a whole semester of University with out going completley mad. Not that the madness didn't decend,  it just didn't corrupt me completley it only had a lingering effect on me. So now I'm back in my wonderful College with my v. strange house mates making up our little family here. They're not really the sort of people you want to live with if you want to study and get good grades. I got in trouble with two of my house mates this morning because I don't having around with the family enough anymore. I've spent a few nights in the Unit downstairs and a few nights in my room doing study and a few nights drinking with them and having the CA come up and tell us to keep the noise down and then have the Security that walks around the college come up and tell us that we're to noisy. Now why wouldn't I want to hang around with them more often?? Their wonderful and I do love hanging around with them I just get the feeling that I'm missing out on the many in jokes that they all have because I mix with other people not just them. *sigh* I guess when it comes to college politics you can't win, nothing really changes from High School then does it ...
I did manage to pass all my classes last semester, I had prepared myself to have failed one or two of my classes last semester as I didn't do that amazing with a few of the assignments and I could have just taken them again next semester so I wasn't that worried. But luckley I dont have to put my Plan B into action as Plan A actually worked. COOL!!

At the end of last semester I finished three weeks before everyone else because my classes didn't have any exams so the study week and the two exam weeks didn't really apply to me. I hung around for the Study Week and then at the end of it a mate came up from Albury and we took a road trip which started on the 23rd. This road trip was very nearly delayed as the weather up here in the nothern rivers area got rather nasty and triped to drown us all. I just want to say one thing right now, if My college is about to be submerged under water then I think we all have a problem as I am at the top of a rather large hill (which I will add is a damn pain to walk up and down every week day to get to Uni). So if I'm about to go under it means that the rest of you probably already are under water. I hope that settles some nerves. Hehehe!
The road trip was manic! Spent the first night in Byron Bay which isn't that far to start driving but we went there for a good night out and that was deffinatly waht we had, I think we hit up every spot in Byron. I little word of warnign if anyone hasn't yet tried and is thinking of sleeping  in the car instead of finding a bed; FIND THE BED!! The car was small to begin with and with us three girls and all our luggage it was tiny with only just three seats for us to sit in. We also managed to score our first fine of the trip, for parking in a no standing zone, to be fair to us I'm proud of us for parking the car, and there was a huge-fuck-off van next to us that blocked the veiw of the sign till we woke up in the morning as saw it. Who puts a parking ticket on a car at 6:15am when they can see three girls whom may or may not be completley dead in the car ... totaly heartless!
Most of the Pacific Highway was under water so we had to go a long way in land, and instead of staying in Coffs Harbour with a friend we had to go out to a place called Deepwater because Coffs had become a natural disaster zone. We stayed in a pub which had been one of the things we had put on our list of things to do.
We then  headed to Wingham and spent the night at a relatives place. We made our way there by driving through the Great Dividing Range, and along a dirt road or two almost hitting our first wallaby as it casualy jumped out in front of the car while we were admiring the canopy of huge gum trees around the road.
Next night was a trip down to Sydney and finally being able to get back onto the Pacific Highway with out it being under water. Again we stayed at a relatives place in Sydney. We went around to the local Lawn Bowls club because we were told they had Salsa classes there, we chicken out on partisipating but did have a few drinks and got very judgemeantal on the dancing styles being displayed.
We were talken out for Yum-Cha at a resturant called 'Fook Yuen' one of my fave places to eat when we go to Sydney. The we hit the road and headed for Wollengong to stay with some mates in one of the uni colleges there. It took us about an hour more than it should have to get out of Sydney because my internal map of the Sydeny road system isn't as good as we would have liked once you hit Darling Harbor and I managed to get us lost for a while and had a few domestics about directions while we were at it. Drove through a National Park down to a beach were we may have lost control of the car and almost planted our selves in the embancment on the roadside if it hadn't been for our drivers quick thinking. Then along the Ocean Bridge huging the coast all the way to Wollengong.
Canberra on Thrusday although it took us a while to understand the direction we were given to get to to the Hall. We stayed with friends at one of the University Halls. Bonus to be at a Uni on Thursday night because thats uni night, there was aTribal Theme night at the Hall bar, then we made our way to every place in the city.
Picked up another mate here and started our drive down to Albury. Uneventful although it did take us atleast 2 extra hours because of the roadworks which streach from Canberra to Albury so irritating to do 40 or 60 the whole way home. Managed to make it home by 6pm. Had my first quiet night in over a week although it wasn't a sober one as mum and dad gave us a few glasses of wine.
That was the end of the Road trip. There was only one rule on the road trip and that was to document everything. Oh did we ever! But I don't think most of the photos will ever see the light of day with out my supervision. Hahaha!
Spent the weekend in Albury and then the following week in Sydney, with my mate from Uni who was heading back to America. I couldn't let her get on the plane home alone, thats a really sad feeling not having someone there to see you off. I would know ...
Then I got two weeks at home in Albury with my family before I had to come back here.

There we are then. I managed to get everyone caught up. I only got distracted a few times so it took a little longer to type than if I'd just done it all in one go. One of my distractions was to take a quick film of my room but the camera died before I got to my desk, but after you see this much of my room I think you can imagin what my desk would look like.

Well I hope that it was a good read for anyone who actually managed to get all the way through it.

I want to move to a capital city so I can do some volunteer work for a theater thats not a unknown as NORPA *sigh* there is never anyone good performing there ... might book some tickets to go see people in Brisbane. Like The Umbies. Anyone want to come?

I'll hopefully blog again soon. Gonna watch a movie and maybe sleep ... or just mess around on the internet a little more.
Oooh one more thing that I did while I got distracted tonight was sign up to Twitter. I swore that I wouldn't ... but well I get sucked into these social networking sites so easily and then there they all are. I'm actually in the process of deleting a few accounts that I have ... So my facebook page will then have to be updated because its the only place where all my memberships are recorded. Hahaha! I think I'll just stick with four, thats already too many but they are the most established.