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WTF? - Umbies

Bad Night ...

I have to stay up for a bit longer. Reason - I got bottled, in Canada.
I went to a house party around the corner at the Canadians place. I was out on the veranda and Gord threw a wine box up to me, now this would have been a laugh if there hadn't been an empty VB bottle inside which struck me on the head and has given me quite a nice lump. I can't smile with it there it must be near me smile muscles or something.
I've been told by a few friends not to got o sleep but I think I'll finish writing this up and then I will sleep. I've had some water and ibprofen and its just dull now.
I'm also the first room in the house after the lounge/kitchen so I can hear everything and everyone in the lounge. So when the others got home tonight and I'd been told not to sleep yet I thought I would go sit with them. My House mate brought home a nicely inebriated friend home who was drunk enough to projectile all over my door and the hallway surrounding.
It smells nasty now.
My head feels a little dull.
I have a few of assignments to start on tomorrow.
Well sleep now ...