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Visitor Paul V3039 Sideshow

Rainy Thoughts

I have such a love for watching other people. Not in a weird way; but watching the ways that people interact with people. The way people react to different things and interpret different things.

We’ve taken to watching ‘One Tree Hill’ which is brilliant but so distracting. It’s amazing that silly things like TV shows and video games can bring people together and enable them to talk about the different things in their lives that are bothering them so much. When I sit in the living room with the rest of the Unit and just listen I can hear so much being said and the friendships that are forming very easily with this little group of people. Now how does this happen within people that they can happily form little families within themselves where they look out for each other and talk about the most trivial of things to the rather important parts of life.

You can create places for your self all over the world with little families of friends that you share experiences with; I have a lot of these families all over the place that each are a different part of my life. It makes putting my life together difficult. There are very few constants in my life any longer, who I can share an experience with and will understand how it felt to be there, who can look at a photo and laugh at the memories associated, who will understand my in-jokes. I know that there aren’t constants in most peoples lives. When you watch these TV shows they show you groups of people who have had friends since they were tiny, who have grown up with the same people all their lives. Now I wouldn’t trade the experiences in my life be they good or bad for anything in the world, even though I have moved country to live 8 times. I do wonder if I missed out on anything though.

One thing I am thankful for is that I am a lot more worldly than a lot of people my own age, I can say I’m more mature (at times) than others.