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2nd Mar, 2011

When things are decided

Its Wednesday; so we managed to reach hump day in the second week of my third year of Uni (damn that makes me feel old) and so far so good, some light reading done and all classes attended. Attending class isn’t the hardest thing this semester as I’m doing three external class’ and one class on campus which I was told last week that I don’t have to attend at all if I don’t want to, I feel like that would make me the slackest Uni student in the world, but it does sound nice not to have to walk up that hill at all :)

As for the light reading its been more based in the non-related academic section of the library. Reading ‘Sabriel’ from the Garth Nix series and more recently due to some thinking on my part the novel ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’; and how I dislike the logic that this book speaks. Its infuriating to know that if you weren’t such an over analysing girl about things and just allowed boys to be as is and not give excuses for the way they behave then things would be a lot easier and there would be a lot less tears shed over boys whom don’t really deserve them. *big sigh*

In other news the weather up here in Lismore is so hot and humid that yesterday I’m pretty sure I drove around what was in fact an oven on wheels and not a car without air-con and that if you walk to far in this weather is actually feels like your swimming its nasty. Yummeh!

Lets see how the next couple of weeks of uni unfold for me. Now that I have a job as well lets see if I can balance work and study and this s**t weather out and get some things done. Social life is kinda on the back burner as it costs money to have one of those and that counterproductive to my next point.

Also I’m making a pact right here and now that I WILL be travelling overseas at the end of this year. Be that to the Uk and Europe and America or just to one of those places. I think we all know which one I’ll choose if I can only go to one.

I made SO many phone calls today and some good, some bad and some made me think.
Also booked the ticets for me and my house mates to go see Wicked in Brisbane not this weekend but the following. Quite excited and we'll also get to do some raceday dress shoping up there!

So fingers crossed for a productive year

24th May, 2010

Delinquent Behaviour Will Not Be Tollerated

In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

Delinquent , Obsessions , Past

 I had no idea who else to start this blog entry ... its 10 months since my last entry and so so so so many things have changed. Many of them life altering, not on a huge scale but on a huge emotional scale for me. I'm not sure whether to fill you guys in or just leave the past as the past and move on ... I guess for now it would be best to go over a few things that have happened since I last wrote up here.
Whats been so improtant that I couldn't write ...Collapse )
That brings us almost up to date. I've got two weeks left of this semester. We have a family dinner this Tuesday when I think the whole family will be together for the last time we'll be saying goodbye to four Americans at the end of the week.
I'm heading off to Sydney for 5days on Wendnesday night and get to see a few of my mates and attend a 21st party. FUN!
I guess that now I should be able to give more frequent blogs about life and ... everything. Maybe you'll be lucky and in future I'll expand on some of the things that I have just left hanging here but for now I think that I shall get back to my Star Wars movie marathon and enjoy some more non sleep.

Again sorry to everyone who I've not talked to for 10months. I can be a bit of a rubbish friend sometimes. But you've all been in my thoughts and those of you who I have on facebook I have been stalking you and watching whats going on that way.

With a promise to write more often, Claire

16th Jul, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Review

WOW!!! Ok so I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince six hours ago and I’m still amazed at how wonderful it was. I would say I don’t want to ruin anything but these movies do come with some required reading that you really shouldn’t skip, spesh as they seem to have changed a little bit of it which doesn’t seem to make sense (although movie adaptations never seem to make much sense compared to the book..

I went into this film with out much knowledge of the book. Yeah I know I just preached that you should have read them which I have; but that was ages ago and for some reason it the only book that I can’t remember; just the tragic ending. And due to lot of discussions recently about Harry Potter I have also discovered that it is heavily based around the relationships of the students and the Order. Again a lot of the relationship details were left out although they did have to focus on the main three.

I believe this is the funniest movie that they have created so far, and with an ending which in the book was heart wrenching but in the movie seemed a little tried.

I think Ron is just as wonderful as ever! Yes I do have to have a bit of a fan girlish *squee* about him, he is an amazing character and hes portrayed just so wonderfully in the movies. The whole Weasly family are. If I had to be taken in by another family (god forbid) then I would want it to be a family like theirs (yeah that’s right red nuts and all).

My only problem with this movie and I want to know if anyone else has experienced this phenomenon. The audience … they clap at the end of the movie … every time I’ve seen it. WHY? This movie was the saddest yet and they still clapped at the end of it … I don’t understand. I understand that they would clap at the end of the 1st, 2nd and maybe 3rd but beyond that I think that it gets a little sick …

Wish I had my Harry Potter books with me here at Uni. I want so bad to read the books. I am going down to Sydney soon and that’s where my copy of the 7th book is being held. Hahaha. That makes it sound like kidnapping, where it was actually brought for me and I’ve just not picked it up.

Other wise a great movie!! Definitely something I want to see again soon. Very soon!


On a side note: I’ve almost watched the whole series of Prison Break. I got into it when I was in year 10 and never quite saw it through to the end and now I’ve been given it on my hard drive and thought about deleting it, then thought I would watch on ep and now I’m almost at the end of the 4th Season.

Ooh well. With my unusual sleeping habits at the moment I need something to keep my mid occupied and this seems to be doing the trick. The people in this show are scary, I really do hope that this is all hypothetical and not real, coz if any of this has an ounce of truth to it then we’re all f**ked!

11th Jul, 2009

Roadtrip Photos - Parental Guidance Suggested

10th Jul, 2009

A V. long and over due update

Well I've not been on here for quiet some time and feel that a long blog is well deserved but my not be accomplished. I've kind of banished myself to my room to get a few things done, most of them being Uni work but I've gotten distracted again, which isn't unusual in this room (I should really take some photos of my room so you all understand just how distracting this room can be if I can't keep my mind on one thing).

This is the end of my second week back at University. I managed to finish a whole semester of University with out going completley mad. Not that the madness didn't decend,  it just didn't corrupt me completley it only had a lingering effect on me. So now I'm back in my wonderful College with my v. strange house mates making up our little family here. They're not really the sort of people you want to live with if you want to study and get good grades. I got in trouble with two of my house mates this morning because I don't having around with the family enough anymore. I've spent a few nights in the Unit downstairs and a few nights in my room doing study and a few nights drinking with them and having the CA come up and tell us to keep the noise down and then have the Security that walks around the college come up and tell us that we're to noisy. Now why wouldn't I want to hang around with them more often?? Their wonderful and I do love hanging around with them I just get the feeling that I'm missing out on the many in jokes that they all have because I mix with other people not just them. *sigh* I guess when it comes to college politics you can't win, nothing really changes from High School then does it ...
I did manage to pass all my classes last semester, I had prepared myself to have failed one or two of my classes last semester as I didn't do that amazing with a few of the assignments and I could have just taken them again next semester so I wasn't that worried. But luckley I dont have to put my Plan B into action as Plan A actually worked. COOL!!

What I did during my five weeks off after the first semester.Collapse )

There we are then. I managed to get everyone caught up. I only got distracted a few times so it took a little longer to type than if I'd just done it all in one go. One of my distractions was to take a quick film of my room but the camera died before I got to my desk, but after you see this much of my room I think you can imagin what my desk would look like.

Well I hope that it was a good read for anyone who actually managed to get all the way through it.

I want to move to a capital city so I can do some volunteer work for a theater thats not a unknown as NORPA *sigh* there is never anyone good performing there ... might book some tickets to go see people in Brisbane. Like The Umbies. Anyone want to come?

I'll hopefully blog again soon. Gonna watch a movie and maybe sleep ... or just mess around on the internet a little more.
Oooh one more thing that I did while I got distracted tonight was sign up to Twitter. I swore that I wouldn't ... but well I get sucked into these social networking sites so easily and then there they all are. I'm actually in the process of deleting a few accounts that I have ... So my facebook page will then have to be updated because its the only place where all my memberships are recorded. Hahaha! I think I'll just stick with four, thats already too many but they are the most established.

31st Mar, 2009

The New Presenter ...

How many saw last weeks Spicks & Specks episode?
Tim Minchin Pushing Adam Hills off his chair ... I've not squeed that much in a while. Just too funny!

Tim also managed to have a go at Dave by touching his wifes '2nd breast'

He also couldn't help standing like a 'wanker' (his words) while singing for one of the rounds and proceeded to jump for joy when they got them right ...

29th Mar, 2009

Two Proud Parents

The cuteness of these two little boys was too much we just had to bring them home with us ... please don't judge us


21st Mar, 2009

Bad Night ...

I have to stay up for a bit longer. Reason - I got bottled, in Canada.
I went to a house party around the corner at the Canadians place. I was out on the veranda and Gord threw a wine box up to me, now this would have been a laugh if there hadn't been an empty VB bottle inside which struck me on the head and has given me quite a nice lump. I can't smile with it there it must be near me smile muscles or something.
I've been told by a few friends not to got o sleep but I think I'll finish writing this up and then I will sleep. I've had some water and ibprofen and its just dull now.
I'm also the first room in the house after the lounge/kitchen so I can hear everything and everyone in the lounge. So when the others got home tonight and I'd been told not to sleep yet I thought I would go sit with them. My House mate brought home a nicely inebriated friend home who was drunk enough to projectile all over my door and the hallway surrounding.
It smells nasty now.
My head feels a little dull.
I have a few of assignments to start on tomorrow.
Well sleep now ...

16th Mar, 2009

Danny Bhoy

When you hear ‘Danny Bhoy’ is performing in a theater near you what’s your first thoughts? It isn’t “Yay! A new musical that I haven’t seen yet!” is it? Well I do understand that this was probably the wrong crowd of Comedy loving people to pose that question to. One audience member did informed Danny Bhoy that she had thought that she was coming to see a Musical … Odd.

Last night was memorable. Danny Bhoy the Scottish Comedian performed at the Star Court Theatre in Lismore.

Will finish this later … should sleep now …

Rainy Thoughts

I have such a love for watching other people. Not in a weird way; but watching the ways that people interact with people. The way people react to different things and interpret different things.

We’ve taken to watching ‘One Tree Hill’ which is brilliant but so distracting. It’s amazing that silly things like TV shows and video games can bring people together and enable them to talk about the different things in their lives that are bothering them so much. When I sit in the living room with the rest of the Unit and just listen I can hear so much being said and the friendships that are forming very easily with this little group of people. Now how does this happen within people that they can happily form little families within themselves where they look out for each other and talk about the most trivial of things to the rather important parts of life.

You can create places for your self all over the world with little families of friends that you share experiences with; I have a lot of these families all over the place that each are a different part of my life. It makes putting my life together difficult. There are very few constants in my life any longer, who I can share an experience with and will understand how it felt to be there, who can look at a photo and laugh at the memories associated, who will understand my in-jokes. I know that there aren’t constants in most peoples lives. When you watch these TV shows they show you groups of people who have had friends since they were tiny, who have grown up with the same people all their lives. Now I wouldn’t trade the experiences in my life be they good or bad for anything in the world, even though I have moved country to live 8 times. I do wonder if I missed out on anything though.

One thing I am thankful for is that I am a lot more worldly than a lot of people my own age, I can say I’m more mature (at times) than others.

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