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Rock n Roll Nerd - Tim Minchin

The New Presenter ...

How many saw last weeks Spicks & Specks episode?
Tim Minchin Pushing Adam Hills off his chair ... I've not squeed that much in a while. Just too funny!

Tim also managed to have a go at Dave by touching his wifes '2nd breast'

He also couldn't help standing like a 'wanker' (his words) while singing for one of the rounds and proceeded to jump for joy when they got them right ...


I want this on YouTube
How do I do that? I will ... just need to know how ... I'll go have a look now ... *walks off*
Sorry :P

I meant this section of the show (and maybe the wanker stance). A friend that I'm taking to Tim Minchin on Friday has become a little obsessed and is kicking herself for missing S&S when I told her what happened.

Even though it's funny to watch her torment, I feel that she should be put out of her misery. Seeming as I don't own a gun, I thought that showing her at least the awesome mutiny section would suffice ^_^
well i will do what I can ... but I may have to ask someone else to do it. SORRY!!
Ok I had a look at doing it and to do it I would have to work out how to cut the whole ep up ... how do I do that?
Ummmmm.... ok, do you have windows movie maker? Becuase that's a wonderful tool for making home movies. It's relativley self explanitary and easy too!

If not....I've got no idea :( sorry