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Rock n Roll Nerd - Tim Minchin

The New Presenter ...

How many saw last weeks Spicks & Specks episode?
Tim Minchin Pushing Adam Hills off his chair ... I've not squeed that much in a while. Just too funny!

Tim also managed to have a go at Dave by touching his wifes '2nd breast'

He also couldn't help standing like a 'wanker' (his words) while singing for one of the rounds and proceeded to jump for joy when they got them right ...


YAY CAPS! That moment was brilliant. And then Myf going "LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!!" Heeeee, too cute. I may have to icon that one of him in the chair.
yeah , and the cap should read either

"And nao for da newz or

This is my serious face, mum! or

"Adam hills got his own TV show and all I got was this lousy chair! "

I'll allow that. Hahahaha! Any of the new ones useful?